September 9, 2022

I would like to build a Barndominium, what’s the next step?

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Building a pole building home, barnominium, barndo, shouse, etc. is much like building any other custom home, but this style removes the costly foundation from the project and can also speed up the time frame between excavation and the start of framing. How does this work? The main exterior structure would be framed using post framing methods up to a certain point, then the interior would be finished like any ordinary new home build. Our customers get to select the remaining finishes of their choice both inside and out. Engineered glulaminated columns are set into the ground on round pier type footings and this types of structures are100% compatible with state and local building codes in your area. There really aren’t any limitations for what we can offer, so we have a process that we go through to provide our customers with what they need to get the project moving forward and closer to becoming a reality. Read below, or reach out to us for a conversation.

1.) Qualify Budget & Purchase Land – Explore site development costs like driveways, drilling a well, septic system type, and getting electric to your build site location.

2.) Blueprint Phase – Work with us to get your engineer’s sealed blueprint drawings ready for the permit portion of the project and material take-offs. At this time you will also be selecting some basic interior finishes, siding, and roofing choices, and also kitchen and bathroom allowances.

3.) Secure Financing – Apply for a construction loan based on budget and our contract estimate for your bank appraisal that we have provided. You need your blueprints for this.

4.) Build – Ready to get into our build schedule? The timeline for the above process can vary greatly from project to project, so we recommend getting started with your blueprints as soon as possible and start obtaining approvals on the site development phase of the project.

Thank you for your interest in our group, we look forward to speaking with you.

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September 9, 2022


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