Events Barn – Light Commercial

Sep 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Back when navigating the daily day-to-day routine of prospecting for new business was simple, I got the chance to contribute to a project that had been tossed around for about a year or so, then we helped things get over the hump so to speak. Over the years that I have been in this profession, I have encountered several clients who are looking for a timber frame project, but can’t 100% decide if that is the best way to go. We helped in designing a hybrid style project that incorporates elements of post frame, timber frame and traditional stick frame. This gallery shows some preliminary design work we performed during the early stages of this project coming to fruition. Once completed, this “barn”will server as a home office space and an events center for corporate retreats, weddings or any assembly type use they can think of. I”ll post additional photos once we secure the permits and break ground.

(Update: 2/16/2021) This never project has not yet happened and the business of hosting events seems a bit risky in Covid times.)

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